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Coconut is our signature drink. Do you know that there are many things about this fruit that is helpful?

First Story Building in Nigeria

This was built in 1863 to serve as a district office. Inside the building is a display of the first yoruba translated bible. Close to the first story building is the site of a famous Agia tree. Under this tree is where christianity was first preached in Nigeria. Of course the tree has been cut down, this happened in 1959. In its place is a beautiful monument.
The missionaries that first came to Badagry also came with education, and they built the first primary school. This school was first called The Nursery Infant of Christ at the time.

Coconut Oil has many uses

The oil extract from coconut give you shiny hair, because it penetrates better than mineral oils. It also helps in anti-inflamatory effect on the skin in humans.
Studies claims that this oil revered hepatosteatosis, which is a kind of disease of the liver....(oh, this study was conducted in rodents)
Coconut oil helps controls blood sugar and has been found to be a good antidepressant as well.

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Relax...it's not that deep

So, I have a confession. You see these guys riding the pedal boat and generally having a good time? Well that body of water is not so deep...shhh.
As we don't want to explain or write any statement, we decided to floor this portion of the lagoon, so that when you are pedalling, there will be no issues. I don't know how to swim and I am sure many people don't know how to swim as well, so let's put safety first. If you dive into that body of water, it will max, get up to your waist. By the way, I think the other guy is confused 😉. Its probably his first time.